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Will the apartment prices rise in 2019?
Demand for Cheap and Average Costs at
the periphery will be steadily growing for this year, adding that there is one
an upward trend for flats that even exceeds 900 euros. Rates are expected to grow further
for 2019 with around 100 euros per square meter. All objects to be built
the following will pay 8% infrastructure fee based on their sales value.
This value will undoubtedly be reflected in the sale price of the dwelling. generally
builders are credited by banks and therefore their real cost of taxing
the involution is more than 8% having paid attention as well
payment. They will reflect it on the price along with the interest rates on the loans.
On the other hand, the change in the quality of construction makes the prices dependent
construction, which means the location and quality of the building. We center and inside
the Great Ring area, prices will be rising as construction is required
high quality to obtain permission.
On the other hand
Unlike builders, this year real estate agencies predict
stability. In 2018 property tax will be applied, which varies in
residential and business premises. According to market players, this new tax will not
be transferred to the price but to be retained by the owners.
Last year, apartment prices rose in the first months of the year with around
10% in the ring area, reflecting increased demand as it grew
apparently buying cash apartments. In the second half the market stabilized, after
increase in supply as a result of the revival of construction, marking a decline
easily in the center area. But in the suburbs apartments were expensive at 50-100
euro per square meter, reaching 450-600 euros per square meter as a result of
increase the cost of construction.
In the surrounding ring ring, prices range from 800-900 euros to about 3,000
euro, close to VAT, which is the most expensive area in the capital.
Positive market
The coming year was positive with respect to the real estate market, where
the main weight was kept in sales and rent segments. Positive long performance
confirmed by both real estate agencies and builders
operating in this sector.
The unblocking of construction permits in the capital increased the quality offer in the Tirana area
historical (administrative units near the center).

There are currently many family moves, expansion, young people seeking the first home.
The Western concept of the first and second homes, where in the second, has entered
even more investment. Earlier, young people were taking a small apartment now
seek expansion after being made with children. "Seems a dynamic level of demand over
2018 "